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Alicante city travel information and video

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Alicante dazzles with its vibrant waterfront and historic charm, offering a perfect blend of sandy beaches and cultural treasures under the ever-present Spanish sun. A must-visit for those seeking both relaxation and rich Mediterranean history.

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Welcome to Alicante City: A Mediterranean Gem

Welcome to Alicante, a charming city along Spain’s Costa Blanca that offers a unique blend of historical richness, vibrant culture, and stunning Mediterranean landscapes. Known for its castle, beautiful beaches, and bustling marinas, Alicante is a destination that combines relaxation with cultural exploration. Whether you are looking for a tranquil getaway or an action-packed holiday, Alicante provides a perfect setting with something for everyone.

Discover Alicante City

Alicante is celebrated for its picturesque setting by the sea, surrounded by mountains and adorned with palm-lined boulevards. The city’s heart pulses with a dynamic history and an enthusiastic atmosphere, where ancient meets modern in seamless harmony.

Beaches and Coastal Charm

The coastlines of Alicante are famous for their clear blue waters and golden sands. Head to the popular Postiguet Beach, located at the foot of the iconic Mount Benacantil, for sunbathing and swimming in crystal-clear waters. Just a short drive away, the serene San Juan Beach offers a more laid-back vibe with its extensive stretch of fine sand, making it a perfect spot for families and sports enthusiasts alike.

Cultural Riches and Historical Landmarks

No visit to Alicante is complete without exploring the majestic Castle of Santa Bárbara, perched on a high cliff above the city, providing panoramic views of the surrounding area. Wander through the narrow streets of the old town, Barrio de la Santa Cruz, with its colorful houses and vibrant flower decorations. For a dive into history, the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) offers fascinating insights through innovative exhibits of local archaeological discoveries.

Vibrant Festivities and Local Traditions

Alicante buzzes with festivals and cultural celebrations throughout the year. The most famous is the Bonfires of Saint John (Hogueras de San Juan), where spectacular firework displays, bonfires, and effigies light up the city in a traditional tribute to welcome the summer solstice. These lively festivities showcase the local spirit and are an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience Spanish culture and hospitality.

Adventures in Nature and Beyond

For those seeking adventure, the surrounding areas of Alicante offer a variety of outdoor activities. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the paths of Serra Grossa, offering scenic trails and stunning views over the city and sea. Water sports aficionados will find plenty of opportunities, from windsurfing to snorkeling along the coast, particularly around the Cabo de las Huertas.

Culinary Delights and Alicante Flavors

Alicante’s cuisine is a delightful celebration of Mediterranean flavors. Sample traditional dishes such as arroz alicantino (a local version of paella), made with rice, chicken, rabbit, and snails, or enjoy the fresh catch of the day at one of the city’s many seafood restaurants. The local horchata, a refreshing drink made from tiger nuts, is a must-try along with traditional sweets like turron, a nougat made from almonds and honey.

Year-Round Sunshine

Benefiting from a mild Mediterranean climate, Alicante enjoys sunshine almost all year round, making it an ideal destination for both summer and winter holidays. The pleasant weather allows for endless outdoor activities and comfortable exploration of the city’s many sights.

Plan Your Visit to Alicante City

Are you ready to discover the enchanting city of Alicante? Browse our holiday packages or speak with our travel experts to tailor your itinerary according to your preferences. Prepare for an unforgettable escape to Alicante, where history, culture, and seaside pleasure await you at every turn.