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Calpe is on of the main resorts on Costa Blanca en the province of Alicante, a charming town of 24.000 inhabitants loaded with history and tourist attractions, surrounded by beaches, vineyards and beautiful mountains. A nice marina, a famous promenade and eleven kilometres of coastline with cliffs, coves and fine beaches is what marks this popular spot on the Mediterranean coast, just around
60 km North of the city of Alicante.A remarkable symbol of Calpe is the Rock of Ifach (Peñon de Ifach), a natural wonder of a
332 meter high limestone rock that shapes the landscape and marks the coast of Calpe like a majestic icon. The rock itself has been declared a natural reserve but can be visited with a steep climb to the summit – a hike that will give you a rewarding view over the town and coast.The warm climate and clear waters of Costa Blanca make the beaches one of the top attractions of Calpe. The beaches of La Fossa and Arenal are among the most popular with a lovely promenade, while the coves and bays of Les Bassetes, La Manzanera and Les Urques offer calm and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming, sailing and also scuba diving.
The natural surroundings of Calpe provides a good birdlife in the area, especially in the city’s impressive salt lake where pink flamingos can be seen.Historically Calpe dates back to the times of the Phoenicians and the Romans that all made settlements directly around the Rock of Ifach – a perfect place to watch out for enemies coming from the sea and threatening pirate attacks.
History is present in the old quarter of Calpe surrounded by the old city walls as well as the old Moorish quarter of El Arrabal, perfect places for a day of exploring the colourful old streets and neighbourhoods. You can also visit the old archaeological site of Baños de la
Reina – The Queen’s Baths – which were Roman Baths dating back almost 2000 years.
Fresh fish and seafood are good gastronomic choices in this seaside town, combined with excellent rice dishes which are traditional for Calpe and Costa Blanca. This part of Spain is also a productive wine growing region, producing some fine local wines. Especially red
wines based on Monastrell grapes or white made with Moscatel. Sweet wines are also an option – don’t be shy, give them a try.
Calpe could be considered as a fairly calm family coastal resort, which does have some active nightlife during the summer months, but not nearly as young and wild as nearby Benidorm