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Madrid has rarely been mentioned up there with Paris, Rome, London, or Tokyo, and that’s definitely an unfair mistake. Madrid has it all and you’ll love any minute – and every footstep – in this fine capital of Spain. Greater Madrid has more than 6 million inhabitants, but the city center itself is actually
fairly manageable in size and really best explored by foot, though local buses or Madrid’s excellent metro system easily can take you around the city. The central square ‘Sol’ is the city’s bull’s eye and a good place to start your visit – from there, every place is at hand. In whichever way you choose and prefer to explore this grand city, Madrid for sure has something for every interest, every taste bud, and every urge for cultural attractions.Whether you prefer to walk the grand, impressive avenues with their amazing architecture or to get lost in its small, crooked, and colorful streets and charming neighborhoods – Madrid will supply your demand for a city adventure. From small specialist shops to large department stores, extensive pedestrian streets, theatres of every kind, cinemas, wonderful, green, and peaceful parks, and world-famous museums. I you happen to be a
football lover, there are great teams and great stadiums to visit here in Madrid. Do we need to mention how well you eat and drink in Madrid? Excellent gastronomic offers seem to be countless. Tapas bars on every corner, friendly local bars in every neighborhood and an impressive range of restaurants for every palate and every pocket. The only problem with Madrid is that you can never get enough. The exploring never stops and there always seems to be a new street, a new shop, a new neighborhood, or an interesting restaurant that you didn’t know existed – and will want to explore.
So if you are ready for an adventure and you enjoy the amplitude of a big, cultural city break – head for Madrid, you won’t regret it!