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Holiday rentals and apartments in Malaga

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Holiday rentals and apartments in Malaga city

Explore the Vibrant Heart of the Costa del Sol Malaga City

A bustling metropolis nestled along the sun-drenched Costa del Sol, offers an enriching blend of historical significance and modern charm. Known as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga is a cultural hub with its ancient fortresses, stunning museums, and vibrant festivals. Whether you are an art lover, history enthusiast, or beachgoer, Malaga provides a dynamic setting for an unforgettable holiday. Get ready to explore all that this captivating city has to offer with

Select Your Perfect Malaga City

Accommodation In Malaga City, holiday rentals cater to every taste and budget, from luxurious apartments in the city center to charming villas near the beach. Properties are equipped with essential amenities such as Wi-Fi (95%), air conditioning (88%), and often boast beautiful balconies or terraces (86%). Whether you wish to stay in the heart of the historic district or prefer the tranquility of the outskirts, you will find the ideal base for your adventures in Malaga.

Cultural Riches and Gastronomic Delights

Dive into Malaga’s rich tapestry of history by visiting the iconic Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre, or explore the impressive collection of artworks at the Picasso Museum and the Carmen Thyssen Museum. Don’t miss the bustling Atarazanas Market, where you can sample local delicacies and fresh produce. For culinary enthusiasts, Malaga’s thriving food scene offers everything from traditional tapas bars to gourmet restaurants, allowing you to savor the flavors of Andalusia.

Activities and Attractions for Everyone

Malaga City is not just about historical sites; it also offers a plethora of activities to enhance your holiday experience:

  • Beach Relaxation: Enjoy the Mediterranean sun on Malaga’s sandy beaches like Playa de la Malagueta or Playa El Palo.
  • Botanical Gardens: Visit the lush La Concepción Historical Botanical Garden for a serene escape.
  • Shopping and Nightlife: Stroll through Calle Larios for shopping, then explore the lively nightlife in the city center.
  • Art and Culture: Catch a flamenco show or a live concert at one of the local theaters.

Top 5 Tips for Visiting Malaga City

  1. Historical Walking Tour: Join a guided tour to learn about Malaga’s rich history and see its major landmarks up close.
  2. Day Trips: Take advantage of Malaga’s location to explore nearby attractions like the white village of Mijas or the stunning El Torcal Nature Reserve.
  3. Try Espetos: Sample Malaga’s famous espetos, sardines skewered and grilled over a beachside wood fire.
  4. Festivals: Plan your visit during the Feria de Malaga in August for vibrant parades, traditional music, and dance.
  5. Sunset Views: End your day with breathtaking sunset views from the Gibralfaro Castle.

Book Your Stay with

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, Malaga City promises a rich and varied experience. With, booking your holiday rental is easy and secure, ensuring that you have the perfect home away from home. Discover the charm of Malaga City and let help you create lasting memories. Book your Malaga holiday rental today and experience the best of the Costa del Sol!