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Seville – City of Soul

Seville is Andalusia’s capital and the region’s largest city. A historic marvel, perhaps one of the most beautiful, charming, and romantic Spanish cities – if you dare to use such big words in a country with so many other beautiful cities. Especially the old town, which is
one of Spain’s largest, the Guadalquivir river that calmly flows through the city and lures people to its banks – or the many intriguing barrios and neighborhoods, like the old gypsy quarter ‘Triana’, on the other side of the river.
A city with such a special vibe, and energy that tends to stick to you and leaves you wanting to come back for more. A life-inspiring place and a paradise for those who enjoy historic buildings, palaces and churches, elegant gardens, and walking the crooked cobblestone streets. For delicious eating, bar, and tapas hopping, and for meeting its lively and proud people.
An elegant, romantic, and seductive city, where you can easily get carried away by a special atmosphere that buzzes with life in the small streets and squares – and then a touch of ancient history that seems to be present all the time This old city is definitely a city for walking, you can get everywhere on foot and enjoy charming neighborhoods such as Macarena, Casco Antiguo, Santa Cruz, Triana, Feria, Los Remedios – or simply taking a stroll along the river, or even a day cruise on the river itself.
Cultural activities are abundant in the city; live music venues, flamenco joints, theatres, and cultural festivals like the yearly and important Feria de Abril (Seville Fair). Seville also has a tradition for Spanish studies and you’ll find many choices of language schools and academies for learning Spanish.
Practical advice for visiting Sevilla should be not to try to make it in just a 1-day tour, it just won’t cover everything you’d want to see. Also make a note, that Sevilla can get extremely hot in the summer months between June and September, in fact so hot that even
the Sevillians themselves escape the city.
Seville has its own international airport, but also excellent train connections to Madrid and Malaga, as well as further connections to towns like Huelva and Cadiz. As mentioned before, Seville is a city enjoyable to walk, and you really don’t necessarily need a car, it will
only get you into parking frustrations and make you miss all the small details the streets and sidewalks have to offer.