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Tenerife, a compact paradise packed with surprises! Whether you're exploring its historic towns, diving into its crystal-clear waters, or hiking its rugged trails, every moment on this island is an adventure waiting to unfold.

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Welcome to SpainHoliday Tenerife, your one-stop shop for planning the ideal trip to the enchanting island of Tenerife! Whether you want sun-kissed beaches, volcanic marvels, or dynamic cultural activities, Tenerife has something for everyone.


Tenerife, the biggest island in the Canary Archipelago, has a varied terrain shaped by volcanic eruptions, verdant valleys, and dramatic coasts. Its bright sky and comfortable year-round temperatures make it an ideal destination for leisure and exploration. Tenerife seamlessly combines Spanish charm with a distinct Canarian identity, creating a rich tapestry of traditions and local customs.

Las Cañadas del Teide, a 29 km wide natural crater, is located in the heart of the chain and has been declared a National Park. It is over 2,000 m above sea level. El Pico del Teide (Mount Teide), the highest point in Spain, is located north of the crater and is snow-covered in the winter, giving the island a distinct silhouette.

A Journey Through Time: Tenerife’s History

Tenerife’s past is equally intriguing as its present. The island’s initial residents were the indigenous Guanches, who are recognized for their peculiar way of life and pyramidal constructions. Spanish invasion in the 15th century ushered in an era of cultural interchange and architectural impact. Tenerife’s strategic location influenced its history, with interactions between European powers and pirates contributing to the island’s past. Explore the lovely villages of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Garachico, a testimony to volcanic strength, to learn more about Tenerife’s fascinating history.

Natural Tenerife: A Landscape of Breathtaking Beauty

Tenerife’s crown gem is unquestionably Mount Teide, Spain’s tallest peak and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful volcano, frequently topped with snow, dominates the island’s center. Teide National Park is a marvel of volcanic landscapes, from lava flows and craters to stargazing under clear sky. Explore the Anaga Rural Park, a biosphere reserve surrounded by old laurel trees, or the Corona Forestal Natural Park, which has lunar-like panoramas. Tenerife’s different ecosystems offer opportunities to experience rare flora and wildlife, making it a nature lover’s delight.

Tenerife’s Resorts

Tenerife has resorts for everyone’s taste, from busy beach towns to isolated havens. Playa de las Americas, a popular destination, with a bustling environment, a thriving nightlife, and a wealth of water sports activities. Costa Adeje offers a sophisticated atmosphere with world-class hotels and magnificent beaches. For a more traditional experience, visit Puerto de la Cruz, which has a historical town and the Loro Parque animal park. If peace and quiet are important to you, try visiting the lovely coastal towns of Los Gigantes or Abades for a relaxing island getaway.

Beaches: Where the Sun Meets the Sea

Tenerife’s coastline is fringed with beaches catering to every preference. Bask in the golden sands of Playa del Duque, a haven for relaxation with luxurious amenities. Playa de las Vistas, with its tranquil seas, is great for families with small children. For water sports aficionados, El Médano is a sanctuary for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Playa de Los Cristianos, a popular beach, with a lively environment and convenient access to water activities and boat cruises. The stunning gardens and black volcanic beaches of Playa Jardín will fascinate nature enthusiasts. Tenerife’s beaches, with their different attractions, guarantee wonderful moments spent soaking up Canarian sunlight.

Unveiling the Cultural Tapestry: Cultural Attractions

Tenerife’s cultural culture is just as vivid as its scenery. Visit the Tenerife Museum of History and Anthropology (MUNA) to learn about the island’s history, or stroll around San Cristóbal de La Laguna to see the colonial architecture. The Pyramids of Güímar are six intriguing volcanic rock sculptures that captivate visitors. Immerse yourself in the world of traditional crafts at the Tenerife Craft Fair in Puerto de la Cruz, or learn about the island’s rich heritage at the yearly carnival celebrations, which are famous for their extravagant costumes and contagious enthusiasm. Don’t miss out on witnessing the beautiful embroidered work known as “calados,” a traditional handicraft passed down through generations.

A Playground for Adventurers: Outdoor Pursuits

Tenerife is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike Mount Teide National Park’s tough paths to the peak for stunning panoramic views (permits required). A guided walk or mountain bike adventure allows you to explore the stunning ravines known as “barrancos.” Kayak around the breathtaking coastline, discovering secret coves and lively dolphins. Adrenaline junkies may try paragliding over the cliffs, feeling the rush of flying above the island’s spectacular surroundings. Scuba diving and snorkeling highlight the beauties of Tenerife’s undersea environment, which is filled with vibrant marine life.

Tee Off in Paradise: Golf

Tenerife is a golfer’s dream, with a diverse range of demanding and attractive courses. Golf Costa Adeje offers beautiful coastal views, while Golf del Sur’s championship course allows you to polish your swing.

 Culinary Journey: Tenerife’s Cuisine

Tenerife’s food is a delectable blend of Spanish, Canarian, and foreign flavors. Enjoy delicious, locally produced seafood meals such as “vieja” (parrotfish) and “pulpo a la vinagreta” (octopus salad). Sample the distinctive “papas arrugadas” (wrinkled potatoes) with mojo sauces, which are a Canarian staple. Indulge in “gofio,” a roasted cornmeal delicacy with several culinary uses, and discover the island’s distinctive goat or sheep milk cheeses. Don’t pass up the opportunity to sample “bienmesabe,” a classic almond dessert, for a taste of pure delight. Pair your meals with the island’s volcanic wines, which have a particular taste and are cultivated on rich slopes.

Tenerife’s Climate

Tenerife has a subtropical climate, with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Winter offers comfortable daytime highs, making it suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities without the blazing heat of summer. Spring blooms with vivid wildflowers, and temperatures increase, making it ideal for beach relaxing and water activities. Summer offers the warmest weather, which is ideal for cooling down in the beach or visiting higher elevations for a refreshing respite. Autumn features a continuance of mild weather with occasional refreshing showers, making it great for those looking for a healthy balance of sunshine and chilly evenings.


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