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Alicante has two important and overshadowing advantages: It is a charming Spanish city of good size – and it is located right on the Mediterranean coast with beautiful beaches. This means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds: The culture life of the city and the relaxed beach life right on the beautiful coast of Costa Blanca. Alicante is capital of the Alicante province, a port city with more than 300.000 inhabitants.
A very agreeable climate with warm summers and mild and dry winters, attract an important amount of tourists to the city as well as the coast of Costa Blanca, making Alicante one of the most important tourist destinations on the eastern coast of Spain. Easy to reach, Alicante has its own busy airport, with plenty of good direct connections to destinations all around Europe. With its clean beaches, a good choice of water sports, and an excellent Mediterranean climate, most come here to enjoy a relaxing time at the sea and under the sun and to escape the winter blues. During the summer, Blue Flag beaches like ‘San Juan beach‘, ‘Aladraba Beach’ or ‘Cabo de las Huertas coves’, to name just a few, attracts beach lovers
from all over the world.But the city itself is definitely also worth some exploration. It is a university city, being the home of the Universidad de Alicante, which gives the city a fresh and youthful vibe. Yet historic with sights such as the medieval castle of ‘Castillo de Santa Bárbara’ and with plenty of narrow streets to wander in the old neighbourhood of Santa Cruz. Alicante also has a handful of interesting festivals, the nightlife is vibrant and varied for young and old, and there are excellent food and drink to be enjoyed – especially seafood is plentiful in this very agreeable coastal city.


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