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Why choose Spain

Why choose Spain as a holiday destination?

Around one hundred million tourists choose Spain as their holiday destination each year. What makes Spain their favorite holiday destination of choice? The answers would be numerous and quite different. Spain offers a wide range of cultural, recreational, culinary, and social options in its more than 500 thousand square meters.

What Spain offers to visitors? It can be described as a journey through the mountains, the beaches, its culture, traditions, festivals, and gastronomy enriched through conquests and cultural exchange, without forgetting the value of its people. Spaniards are warm, friendly, welcoming, and fun. There is a joy of living in them that infects visitors, perhaps for that reason thousand return and many decide to stay.

Spain Special

The cultural, gastronomic, and landscape differences between north and south, east, and west are what make Spain special. Due to the hundreds of years of history and the various cultures that have converged on the Iberian Peninsula, visitors can tour the country and see remnants of Phoenicians, Visigoths, Celtiberians, Greeks, and Romans. In addition to the historical riches of the country, it also offers two of the most important sites in European and world prehistory: the Sierra de Atapuerca (which has remains of the ancestor species of Homo and the most complete collection of Homo heidelbergensis bones) and the Altamira Cave (where the first Paleolithic art was discovered).

In terms of landscapes, there are a variety of national parks such as the Monasterio de Piedra, Los Picos de Europa, or Las Islas Cíes, to name just fewer. More than 9,000 caves are hidden in the mountains of Cantabria and innumerable corners of the Pyrenees provide spectacular views for lovers of mountains and speleology. Among the natural paths, the most famous and important in the world stands out and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year: El Camino de Santiago. Spain has so much natural wealth that it is impossible to summarize it all in one article.

There are hotels and restaurants to satisfy any taste and budget in Spain. However, it is becoming increasingly common for visitors to rent a holiday home so they can enjoy their holidays in a more relaxed manner, integrating into the culture of the Iberian Peninsula.

Holiday homes

Variety of Coasts

Spain has one of the greatest riches in landscapes and coastal in Europe, with approximately 8,000 kilometers of coastline, where there are four important maritime domains: Mediterranean, Cantabrian, Peninsular Atlantic, and the Canary Islands. Although the best-known beaches in Spain are found in Andalusia and Valencia region, the Galician coasts offer the greatest variety of beaches, cliffs, and geographical features in the entire country, while Cantábrico’s beaches are not far behind in terms of beauty. And of course, it is necessary to mention the Canary and Balearic Islands favourite destinations of thousands of national and foreign tourists.

One of the characteristics that make Spain a good option to visit and spend the holidays, and the reason why thousands of tourists repeat the visit, is the customer service. Spain is among the Top Ten of the most visited countries in the world, it is the second position in the world, only below France. But a marked difference with the Gallic country is how Spain treats its visitors. The Spanish are aware of the importance of tourism in the country’s economy, and for this reason, they have developed excellent customer service. Even in the smallest town or small bar, visitors will be able to see first-hand the true meaning of hospitality. Definitely, the famous saying “Spain is different” is very true in all good senses, but the best way to discover why is by visiting this wonderful country where tourists all over the world fall in love.

Excellent customer service