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Taste of Spain

a large body of water with a boat in it

Spring water in Spain

Spring water in Spain The Spanish fetch it in bottles, buckets, jars, and large cans. Water from the local spring, which in many places can be filled from a tap

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brown chocolate

Spanish Churros con Chocolate

Spanish Churros con Chocolate Spaniards have always had a sweet tooth and love their sweets, desserts, cakes, and sugary delicacies. Most sweet dishes have a great regional variety and tend

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Spanish Wine

Spanish Wine In Spain, just like in other South European countries, it’s the norm to drink a glass of wine with your lunch or dinner. It’s considered civil and a

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Manchego – for cheese lovers

Manchego – for cheese lovers Manchego cheese is, without doubt, the most well-known and celebrated Spanish cheese enjoyed all over Spain and exported to many places around the world. In

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Serrano Ham – Jamón Ibérico

Serrano Ham – Jamón Ibérico You don’t have to be in Spain very long before you are introduced to a Serrano Ham – Jamón Ibérico. One of these delicious air-dried

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Cultural Insights

Semana Santa – Holy Week

Semana Santa – Holy WeekEaster in Spanish is called Pascua but is more commonly known as ‘Semana Santa’ – or Holy Week – because Spanish Easter literally is a whole

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Spanish Culture – The Siesta

It is once heard said: “A Spaniard does not suffer from anxiety attacks. It’s just too hot for that…takes too much effort”! There might  be something about it… The Spanish

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Spanish Culture – Greetings

We live in a time where greetings in a certain way have gone out of fashion. Many of us don’t greet other people like the older generations did, we just

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