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Spanish Churros con Chocolate

Spanish Churros con Chocolate

Spaniards have always had a sweet tooth and love their sweets, desserts, cakes, and sugary delicacies. Most sweet dishes have a great regional variety and tend to differ from region to region, from North to South, and for different ceremonies and occasions. But if there is one common, sweet dish that can unite Spanish people all over Spain – it’s without doubt Churros con Chocolate’.
The fresh dough is fried in hot oil and then served with a cup of very thick, dark, chocolate seems to cater to everyone. You dip the churro in the thick chocolate, you eat, you drink, and fill yourself with this sweet, thick, filling taste that wouldn’t fit under the description of diet food, but more like a comfortable break into that fat and sugary moment, you might just need. For an energy boost, a calorie fix, a hangover cure – or just to put a smile on grandmother’s face. Churros are consumed by families of all generations to youngsters returning back from a very late night in town. Everyone seems to need their churros now and again, it’s a Spanish
tradition that seems to never go out of fashion, it brings friends and families together. You’ll find churro stalls in fairs, festivals, and marketplaces, served in cafeterias and coffee houses all over, churro stalls are inevitable in city streets and there are ‘churrerías’ in
Madrid is open 24/7 and sells up to 80.000 churros a day. Maybe you have tried churros before in London, Stockholm, or Berlin, but it might just not be the same. Are you into Spanish cuisine and culture? Will you like it the Spanish way?
Well, try and do what the Spanish do – go and find the nearest ‘churrería’ and get a taste of Spanish tradition.

“Buen provecho”

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