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Spanish Wine

Spanish Wine

In Spain, just like in other South European countries, it’s the norm to drink a glass of wine with your lunch or dinner. It’s considered civil and a common way to accompany your meal Not necessarily expensive wines – that’s not the point – but enjoying a glass of Spanish wine with your daily meal is something completely normal and traditional in Spain. The Spaniards have a relaxed and sort of down-to-earth relationship with wine. They like it, appreciate it – but they don’t get eccentric about it. Somehow it seems that there is
nothing snobbish about drinking wine in Spain. No ostentatious nose sniffing, no swirling with little fingers, or other pretentious behaviors when drinking a glass of wine. You buy the wine you like and can afford, you drink it – and enjoy it to the fullest.
We will not give you a complete rundown on enology in Spain, so many other books and experts have already done that perfectly. But to say something general about wine in Spain, you could say that with Spanish wine you normally get very good quality for the
price you pay.

Spain is the world’s 3rd most wine-producing country in the world, with a production of more than 3 million liters a year. The country has got the climate, the sun, the soil, and some sturdy and productive vines, including those that historically were
brought over from The Americas, when European vines suffered from illness. I just can’t go wrong! Come to a Spanish bar, café, or restaurant and you order a glass of your favorite wine and you order it by the glass at a reasonable price. Prices are adjusted to the habitual Spanish way of drinking a single glass, and you really don’t need to order a whole bottle to economize. That is genius and makes it possible to try out different varieties without emptying your wallet. So, while in Spain – come and enjoy the enormous variety of good wine that this country produces in all its regions. Whether is red from Rioja or Ribera del Duero, rosé from Penedés, or white from the rias of Galicia. From sweet to dry and of course the excellent alternative to champagne – the sparkling ‘Cava’ – and the varieties of Jerez/Sherry in its many forms.

‘Salud’ – Cheers!

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