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Spring water in Spain

Spring water in Spain

The Spanish fetch it in bottles, buckets, jars, and large cans. Water from the local spring, which in many places can be filled from a tap in town. Especially in villages and the smaller towns everyone from housewives to married couples and young families come on foot with what they can carry, or even by car, and fill up the trunk with water cans.Is it to save money on the purchase of mineral water in the supermarket? Or is it because it tastes better than tap water at home? We set out to investigate why: It turns out that the mountains behind the coast are full of natural springs. Sources of spring water that can be found everywhere in the mountains, and for thousands of years have been led to the cities, where people have used it for household purposes. They’ve always sworn that the natural water was good, clean, and healthy drinking water. In fact,people are quite proud of their springs down here – los manantiales – as they are called in Spanish, and often prefer to use it over any other product that is for sale in the shops.In the province of Málaga alone, there are close to 400 springs. In the entire region of Andalucía, far from all sources is registered and counted, but there are estimated to be as many as 10 – 12,000 natural springs throughout Andalusia. A number that proves that natural spring water in the area is a huge resource, which should of course be explored,appreciated and preserved. But not just in Andalucía, this goes for all of Spain where local springs can be found. Not something we are used to in London, Paris, Copenhagen or Berlin. Spring water has therefore been used for thousands of years here in Spain, and many of the old ‘wells’ – or bottling points – have been maintained for the sake of tradition. As you know, the Spanish love their traditions, and therefore still use fresh spring water, which anyone is free to use and tap. And perhaps with good reason: For most places, it is said that spring water contains just the right balance in the content of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. It makes the water healthy to drink – healing, many believe.
So if you walk local areas and see people tapping water from the city spring, then try it out.For sure it will be pure, clean spring water that tastes very good indeed. And if you believe the locals, you might just feel a lot healthier and stronger – just like Asterix drinking a zip of the magic potion!

So for once, dear readers, allow us to proclaim a loud:

Cheers – SALUD– but this time with real water..!

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