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Spanish Culture – The Siesta

It is once heard said: “A Spaniard does not suffer from anxiety attacks. It’s just too hot for that…takes too much effort”! There might 

be something about it… The Spanish summer heat can make your blood boil and yet slow everything down to a minimum.

 The heat dulls, stuns and puts all action at half strength. It’s like being pushed all the way down into a deep chair… and staying seated.

But the Spanish have an attitude towards that sort of thing. They sit back and relax. They take it easy, very easy. Make room for a siesta.

Gear down as necessary – both physically and mentally. Maybe we could all learn something from that? One you start to notice you find that this ‘calmness’ seems to characterize the whole society. And thinking about it – maybe it’s not just now that it’s summer and hot, but rather
an interesting calm Spanish coolness slash laziness that seems to stay year round? Siesta. Just think of that useful word for a while.
Everything can be allowed to lie for a bit. Wait a bit longer. What could happen? It’s bad for productivity – but quite good for your health.
Taking it easy…
Breathe in – breathe out.

  A Spaniard looks at things first. He observes activity around him, but does not take part.
Just vaguely considers. Does not perform any unnecessary actions until absolutely necessary. It might just be an unique quality to have, and the Spanish master it to perfection. It creates tranquillity.
Not so much punctuality, pressure and precision. You take things as they come and always with a grain of salt. “Mañana” – there is a deep sense in that word. Tomorrow is always good.The Spaniard listens. Listening is good.
It is not certain that he will answer back – or speak at all. Because if there is nothing to say – then there is no reason to open your mouth and waste
effort on words.The Spaniard sits. Completely calm. Observes. It is possible that he will take a stand on something, or even make a decision – but it is not certain. He just sits… and sits. Let time pass. 

Why worry..?
You can’t possibly keep track of everything anyway – so why worry about details? We’ll leave it until tomorrow. If there are frustrations, they don’t always show. Neither in nervous twitches nor quivering corners of the mouth. The Spaniard’s frustrations are expressed in a different way. Intense and in temperamental little jerks. Short and powerful outbursts and usually with a certain amount of drama. But then it’s over. Then back to calm. The steam is out – back to
No such things as hyperventilation or palpitations.Breathe in – breathe out. Calm down. “Mañana” comes tomorrow – can it wait till … mañana?
Because now – is siesta time!