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Where To Buy Holiday Home In Spain| An Ultimate Guide

Spain is a country blessed with a long coastline, beautiful mountains, and rich culture, making it a no-brainer for holiday home ownership. Spain continues to be the top spot for Brits looking to buy a home abroad. Not only are Britons the largest group of overseas property buyers in Spain this year. That’s why Spanish towns are also the most searched locations on property websites. Many people don’t just want to visit Spain, they want to live there! 

If you want to enjoy a vacation home in Spain and are thinking about buying a house, then this content is for you. We’ll help you find the perfect place and walk you through the steps of buying a house in Spain.  

Is It Worth Buying A Holiday Home In Spain?

Buying a holiday home in Spain is a good investment, but it depends on your situation. On the positive side, there’s the lovely weather, a chance to experience Spanish culture, and potential rental income. On the other hand, there are expenses like maintenance and property taxes to bear. Ultimately, assess the advantages and drawbacks to see if it fits within your budget and trip plans.

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Popular Regions for Holiday Homes

Here are five popular regions to consider, each offering something unique:

Costa Blanca:

Costa Blanca (literally “White Coast”) stretches along Spain’s southern coast and is a beach lover’s paradise. It has over 200 kilometers of coastline, including sandy beaches, secret coves, and crystal-clear seas. The region is also recognized for its picturesque towns and villages, lively nightlife, and tasty food.

  • Stunning beaches and coves.
  • Beautiful weather year-round
  • A variety of activities and attractions 
  • Delicious cuisine and wine  
  • Relatively low property costs (compared to other Costa regions). 


  • Crowded in high peak season 
  • Overdeveloped areas 
  • Limited cultural and historical heritage compared to other regions in Spain 

Costa del Sol:

Costa del Sol (literally “Sunshine Coast”) is located in the southernmost portion of mainland Spain and lives up to its name with a pleasant temperature and plenty of sunshine. The region is well-known for its lavish resorts, championship golf courses, and active nightlife.
Excellent weather year-round
Luxurious resorts, 
World-class golf courses, 
Vibrant nightlife, and stunning beaches and coves.

High property costs in some areas 

Touristy atmosphere 

Not as truly Spanish as other locations. 


Mallorca, the biggest of the Balearic Islands, is a popular holiday destination due to its breathtaking natural beauty, wonderful beaches, and rich cultural heritage. The island has something for everyone, from charming towns and historical attractions to booming resorts and breathtaking mountain ranges.
Beautiful beaches and coves 

Diverse landscape with mountains, beaches, and forests 

Rich culture and history 

A variety of activities and attractions 

Pleasant weather all year
High property prices 

Crowded during the high season 

Expensive flights, particularly during peak season


Catalonia, located in northeastern Spain, has a rich cultural past and a thriving capital city, Barcelona. The region also has gorgeous beaches, quaint coastal villages, and breathtaking mountain landscapes. Catalonia is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking the best of both worlds – city living and beach vacations.

Diverse landscapes with beaches, mountains, and cities 

Rich culture and history 

World-class city of Barcelona 

Beautiful beaches and coves 

A large variety of activities and attractions.
Barcelona’s property prices might be high. 

The region is politically charged.


In southern Spain, Andalusia is well-known for its Moorish heritage, flamenco culture, and breathtaking natural beauty. The region is home to some of Spain’s most popular cities, including Seville, Granada, and Málaga, as well as attractive white villages and stunning beaches.

Rich culture and history. 

Beautiful beaches and coves 

Stunning natural beauty 

Delicious cuisine and wine 

Relatively low property costs (compared to other parts of Spain)

High summer temperatures 

Remote locations helps you buy your holiday home in Spain

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