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Barcelona is cradled in the North Eastern Mediterranean coast of mainland Spain, about 2 hours drive South from the French Pyrenees.

It’s the capital of Catalunya, a region of Northern Spain that has its own unique culture, traditions and personality. rentals holiday spain rent home barcelona accommodation

Barcelona city is one of a kind


Few European cities can offer you the wide diversity of cultural experience that you’ll find here in Barcelona. Couple that with the luxury of 4.2 km of beach only a short walk from the city centre, warm sunshine most of the year, you have all the makings of a complete holiday in Spain.


A city of modern art


Many great painters and artists worked here at some time and their influence is still evident throughout the city. Two of which are Picasso and Miró who have museums dedicated to some of their more important works. There are also dozens of other museums and art galleries dotted all around the city so you’ll always have plenty of art to experience whilst here. See our pages on some of the best Barcelona art galleries or Barcelona museums.


Beaches on your doorstep


Should you ever find yourself suffering from art and culture overload then you can spend the day recovering on one of Barcelona’s sandy beaches only a short stroll from the city centre. Order a sangria at one of the bars and kick off your shoes, sit back and soak up the sun, sea and the view :-). See this page Barcelona Spain beaches for more information.


Cuisine in Barcelona Spain


While you’re on the beach you can sample some of the best seafood the Mediterranean has to offer, or if you prefer, there are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars that offer tapas. There are also many restaurants providing more conventional dishes if you prefer a traditional meal.




Barcelona is home to masterpieces of many great architects. The most famous of which is Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí’s work is admired by architects around the World as being one of the most unique and distinctive styles in modern architecture.

One of his most well known works, La Sagrada Família, is a giant basilica.

If there were only three words to describe Barcelona city centre they would be Culture, Style and Harmony.

The city of Barcelona manages to cater for the demands of the modern World whilst ensuring that the new blends perfectly with the old.

A lot of thought has gone into maintaining the beauty of the city centre whilst still ensuring excellent facilities for both the public and business Worlds.

Unlike many European cities that often have a clash of the old World with the new, here you experience a distinct feeling of integration. When you walk through the streets of Barcelona you can almost feel how the new buildings have evolved and integrated with the historic architecture.


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