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    Fuengirola is perhaps one of the most international and multicultural enclaves found on the Costa del Sol. Going to Fuengirola is like moving into a world where the butcher is Argentine, the baker is Swedish and the man with a van is from Manchester. In Fuengirola, you can buy Danish bacon, and Finnish vodka, let Russian Svetlana do your hair or get your car repaired at the Scottish auto mechanic. The whole world seems to be represented in Fuengirola – even the Spanish!

    It is said, roughly, that 25% of Fuengirola’s inhabitants are foreigners, and that figure is rising radically during the summer season, when even more Northern Europeans come to town to enjoy the sun, the beach and the many other offers the active city has to offer. Fuengirola is a city with pulse, lots of people and an extraordinarily wide range of offers and services for the many visitors who come to enjoy the holidays, spend the winter or even to settle down in the city.

    Historically, Fuengirola has also been “invaded” by foreigners. First of the Phoenicians who founded the city, and later by the Byzantines, the Romans and the Moors who had occupied the city for centuries (and had a great influence on the city) until it finally came back in 1485 under the Spanish crown and the Spanish king’s rule. Throughout the 1960s, the city began to grow seriously as a tourist destination.

    Fuengirola offers first and foremost a charming harbor, a beautiful beach promenade with all the trimmings and more than 7 km sandy beach from the Sohail Castle in the west to Torreblanca in the east. Here you will find a large selection of fine and comfortable holiday apartments and individual holiday homes, for both short-term and long-term hire.

    Gastronomy, nightlife, shopping, cultural experiences and large markets that invite you to be explored – there are virtually no limits to what the city offers of activities. Two major and distinctive attractions are the popular zoo – ‘Bioparc Fuengirola’ – and the beautiful, old Sohail fortress, built by the Moors in the year 956, which is not just a beautiful destination of its own, but has been renovated and is used for several, large cultural and musical events.

    Fuengirola has excellent transport links, with bus connections to most of Andalusia, as well as a train station connecting the coastal train directly to Málaga Airport in just 33 minutes – as well as the city center of Málaga and the many coastal destinations.

    Come and visit Fuengirola if you are in for a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, with lots of beach life, modern amenities and a great selection of gastronomy and culture.


    Welcome – ‘Bienvenidos a Fuengirola’.


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