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Spain’s sixth largest city, capital of the province with the same name and one of Europe’s oldest cities, with a history dating back to the time of Phoenicians and Greeks about 700 years BC. The city has been through both Roman and Moorish rule before it ended up being the province’s beautiful capital that has so much to offer the visitor today. Idyllically situated on the Mediterranean and Costa del Sol – and just 130 km north of the African continent.

The port city of Málaga is a lively city with just around 600,000 inhabitants. A bustling city, but yet laid back, comfortable and quite easy to find your way around in. It is not without reason that millions of tourists from all over the world, visit this city each year on their way to or from their holiday home on the nearby Costa del Sol.

The city has good public transport by bus, metro and coastal train, which also connects the center of the city with Málaga airport, with a journey time of just 12 minutes. Taxis are readily available and quite reasonable in price.

Most of all, Málaga invites you for a good stroll through the city’s beautiful streets and charming neighborhoods. The architecture is impressive and bears the mark of time from when the Moors occupied the city – especially the ancient fortifications like ‘Gibralfaro’, ‘Alcazaba’ and ‘El Teatro Romano’ are worth visiting. The large cathedral in the Old Town is also one of the city’s most impressive buildings.

Málaga is a very Spanish city indeed. With its small breakfast cafes, where the locals pass by to a ‘café con leche‘ on their way to work, or the bars and street cafes where you gather for lunch or to relax in the evening. There is a lively feel to the streets and it can be a great experience to be a part of. Go ahead – jump in and visit the small bars, cafés and restaurants where the locals go, spontaneous visits can be such a rewarding experience in this city.

You eat well in Málaga. From small, modest lunch places to genuine tapas bars with Spanish delicacies as well as elegant restaurants, offer a variety of excellent gastronomy and fine Spanish wines. Both the local Spaniards and the many international guests enjoy the city’s innumerable eateries. For an evening out, it is Málaga’s specialty to visit the fine terrace bars at the top of the high-rise roofs, which provide stunning views of the city, the sea and the Málaga bay below.

Málaga has a very active cultural scene. From small flamenco bars, street musicians and municipal events in the city center – to larger festivals of film, art, theater and music, and not least the yearly Easter parade or the large annual and colourful carnival in February. There are plenty of both large and small museums, not least the world famous Picasso museum is definitely worth a visit.

The city’s main pedestrian street in the center, ‘Calle Larios’, is full of shops, boutiques and branded goods for those who like to do their shopping. The street – and the beautiful ‘plazas‘ (squares) around it – are often used for various events as well, such as when the beautiful Christmas lights are lit at the end of November, for carnival in February or for other festive events that are held year-round in the city.

The port of Málaga itself is one of the city’s major attractions. The beautiful waterfront is a great place for walking and gives access to the charming, maritime environment in the harbor. In addition, the waterfront is connected to the long pier ‘Muelle Uno’, where cafes, restaurants and small shops, are docked along yachts, cruise ships and other vessels from foreign ports. A wonderful place for a walk, a lunch or an evening out for the whole family. On the other side of the agreeable harbor pier you’ll find the city’s large beach, ‘La Malagueta’, where beachgoers and sunbathers gather in the summer to enjoy the beach – or a visit to one of the small, rustic beach restaurants, the cozy ‘chiringuitos’.

In short, Málaga is the city where everyone feels welcome – and where to find activities and attractions for every taste. Whether Málaga is the destination in itself or visiting the city on the way to your holiday home on the Costa del Sol and the surrounding area, Málaga is the city that always has something to offer.

Welcome to Málaga – ‘Bienvenidos a Málaga’.