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Souvenirs from Spain

Souvenirs from Spain

People who usually travel always buy a souvenir of the place where they were. It is common to visit a friend’s house and find an item, whether it is a magnet on the refrigerator or a decoration in the living room. Tourists want to keep good memories from their holidays as much as possible, and for this reason, souvenirs are in such high demand worldwide.

We want to offer you a small list and a few anecdotes about the typical souvenirs that are bought when visiting Spain.

According to research by Skyscanner

According to research by Skyscanner, 14% of tourists consider decorative items as the worst gift they can receive. While 7% of those surveyed think that the classic keyrings and fridge magnets are not the best souvenirs of the holidays.

Still, European travelers spend €5.9 billion a year wanting to share holiday memories with their loved ones. Among the most common souvenirs are cups, t-shirts, magnets, key rings, replicas of buildings or monuments, pens, sweets, postcards, caps, among others.

Here you will find a list of original things to do or buy to reinvent the souvenir:

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  • Toast with wine among friends. In most countries, it is not common as in Spain, exporting this tradition can be a fun souvenir to share.
  • Iberian ham tapa. When you return home, and if you could get it, do not forget to enjoy this delicacy from time to time as an appetizer.
  • Wineskin. Once you buy it, you should use it and teach your family and friends how to drink from the wineskin.
  • Olive oil. Cooking with the so-called ‘green gold’ will give your meals a special touch and an original flavor.
  • Pearls from Mallorca. It is a beautiful memory that you can always wear, either earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. It will give you an elegant touch and you will always remember your visit to the Islands.
  • During your gastronomic journey through the Basque Country, not only can you describe the delicacies you tasted, but you can also buy a bottle of Txacolí, a wine unique to the region with its acidity.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot take the delicious fish and shellfish from Galicia, but you can buy a Tarta de Santiago, a typical sweet made with flour, almonds, eggs, and sugar.
  • Ibiza fashion. The clothes of this island are comfortable and freestyle that you can wear at different events and feel special.
  • But if you want to share with your family and friends a bit of the gastronomic experience you had during your visit to Spain, gastronomic souvenirs are an excellent option. As much as if you buy a product or if you learn to prepare a recipe. Among the products that you can buy as a gift are the following:
  • Although Manchego Cheese is internationally famous, in terms of quality-price, it is better that you buy it in Spain, since not all qualities are for export. The taste of this product will be to everyone’s liking.
  • If you visit the Canary Islands, it would be a promising idea to buy a can or jar of the traditional red or green mojo picón, your family or friends will be delighted with this product, and they can eat it with potatoes or bread.
  • Saffron is considered the red gold of gastronomy, and it is an expensive product in other countries. This gift will be very special if you can buy saffron from La Mancha, rated as the best in the world.
  • For the price that in many countries is just a glass of wine, in Spain, you will have the opportunity to buy a whole bottle of really excellent quality

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